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Involving People to IMPACT Nations for Christ

Missionary Ventures Canada is a Christian interdenominational organization that works with individuals and churches to bring the love and message of Christ to a hurting world.
It channels resources for the development of churches, schools, feeding centres, orphanages, and hospitals in over thirty countries.
Through sponsorship, indigenous Christian leaders are trained and equipped to establish ministries in their local communities.

Gifts of Life - More than just a gift… change a life!

Extreme poverty, environmental adversities and AIDs has forced many children to live in a reality where basic necessities are not available.  Gifts of Life changes that reality, one child at a time. These gifts of life include healthy meals, clean water, quality education and pastoral support.

Healthy Meals: Give the Gift of Nourishment!

Feeding Centre Tzaneen -  Missionary Ventures Canada

Feeding programs operate in many countries in South America, Central America and Africa, providing children with healthy and nutritious meals on a daily basis. Many of these centres rely on the efforts of missionaries serving in those parts, as well as dedicated local volunteers who give of themselves to cook meals and work with the children.

For $30 a month you can supply a child with the food that they need.    More Info

That is only a dollar a day!

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